Then imagine what that would do for your CX and EX.

Intelligent automation. Artificial intelligence. Robotic Process Automation. You know there’s goodness in AI but aren’t sure where to start. We can help.

Alphanumeric's Approach to Digital Transformation

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We’re helping one of the world’s largest Life Sciences companies use AI to serve patients better.

And here are the results...

AI POC Results

AI for HCPs and patients isn't just a dream... It’s in production!

See how GSK used AI to serve HCPs and patients in this on-demand webinar

Since deciding on AI for their medical information and customer experience operations just months ago, GSK, along with ViiV Healthcare and Alphanumeric, created a proof of concept (POC) that delivered.

And we want to show you how.

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The journey to self service

RPA, machine learning, and AI, oh my!

If you’re just getting started on your automation journey, it can feel overwhelming. The key is to tackle it one achievable milestone at a time.

Get the lay of the land

Get the lay of the land

Identify manual processes in your workflow
Prioritize them, for both impact and level of effort

Automate, but start small

Automate, but start small

Automate something easy to learn and get confidence
Then begin automating tasks one at a time

Build your bot

Build your bot

Identify scripts with common routine tasks
Standardize, so they are performed the same way every time
Ensure regulatory compliance

Integrate analytics

Integrate analytics

Use analytical tools to analyze bot data Based on data, the tool will predict outcomes and recommend next steps

Move to artificial intelligence (AI)

Move to artificial intelligence (AI)

Use self-learning systems and tools Simulate human interaction within these environments via language, choice, knowledge base, and more

Reach Self Service

Reach Self Service

Create an Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence Use IA solutions that are fully automated, predictive, self learning, and humanistic

The human touch – your customers want it.

So how in the midst of all of this automation and technical prowess do you personally connect with your customer?








Automate routine tasks to focus on customers


Your environment and goals

We listen to understand where are you today and where you are trying to get.

Customers • Services • Channels • Seasonal/project driven requirements • Scale • Contact volume and patterns • Reporting • Service levels Compliance • Regulations • Security • CRM and other external systems


Tailored Contact Center and Automation Strategy

We create a plan that gets you from here to there.

Cloud-based • First and second level (Bot2Agent) support tactics • Triage • Virtual assistance • Self service • Self care • Human touch


Implementation, Operation, and Innovation

Implementation, Operation, and Innovation

We implement, operate, and communicate the health according to your goals.

We use what we learn along the way to continuously innovate.

Start making your vision a reality