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Analysis + Reports

Access insightful analysis and reports to help you understand the conversations happening in your community. Our team of experts can uncover trends, insights, and patient feedback to help you stay on top of your community’s needs. We also provide reports on results of campaigns, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions about how to best engage your audience.

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Connecting Communities & Uncovering Patient Insights

We’re passionate about helping healthcare organizations cultivate meaningful connections with their patients and communities. Our platform is designed to facilitate collaboration between healthcare providers, clinicians, and patients – allowing for the swift exchange of key insights and resources.


Experienced Team of Experts

Our team is passionate about helping pharma companies reach their goals. With their expertise and knowledge, they can help you cultivate meaningful connections with your target audience and uncover patient insights to help you grow your community.

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Comprehensive Support

Get 24/7 support services and resources to ensure a seamless user experience. We are committed to providing the best customer service and helping you reach your goals. Our comprehensive support includes onboarding, training, and troubleshooting assistance.

The Alpha Difference

  • Open Communications
    • Instant messaging, discussion forums and comment walls to foster patient-provider interactions.
  • Analytics Tools
    • Track activity, engagement and view patient insights in real time.
  • Automation Tools
    • Streamline engagement processes and facilitate automatic notifications to patients.
  • Comprehensive Support
    • 24/7 support services and resources to ensure a seamless user experience.



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