Digital Transformation Made Easy

The future is now with AI-powered applications that provide more efficient customer service, increase contact center productivity and efficiency as well as emotional intelligence for better decision making.

Scalable Business Continuity Models

We help life science companies protect and recover critical telecommunications infrastructure, mission-critical business operations, and personnel productivity in the event of a disaster or key business disruption.

  • Quick reference of training material
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Development of FAQs to address the most common patient questions and provide faster responses
  • More effective contact forms
  • More accurate search results
  • Centralization of knowledge
  • Extensive support for multiple languages
  • More robust analysis of customer needs and behaviors
  • Greater scalability
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  • Financial Assistance
  • Product Availability
  • Sample Requests
  • Sales Rep Info
  • Basic Product/Device Info
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  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Analysis
  • Awareness
  • Reinforcement
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  • Identifying customer needs and preferences
  • Analyzing customer journeys
  • Developing a cross-channel plan
  • Implementation
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  • Improve Communications with Patients
  • Educate Patients about their Condition
  • Involve Patients in Decision-making 
  • Address Barriers to Care
  • Use Technology Wisely
  • Foster a Culture of Empathy & Respect
  • Evaluate Progress Regularly
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Response Planning & Management

  • Standardized Response Development
  • Response Usage Reporting
  • Real-Time Exceptions Handling
  • Fixed & "Guidelines" Based Response Structuring

User-Generated Content Monitoring

  • Public UGC (comments, replies, mentions, etc)
  • Private UGC (direct messages, etc)
  • Owned Accounts
  • Paid Advertising Accounts
  • 3rd-Party (Influencer) Posts


  • Account Activity
  • Standardized Reporting
  • Flexible Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Campaign & Post Metrics
  • Agent Metrics
  • Community Concerns & Developing Issues

Systems Support

  • Native Interface Option
  • 3rd Party Activity Aggregator Software
  • System Design, Customization, & Implementation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Pharma Focus

  • Regulatory Oversight & Compliance
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Adverse Event Handling

Global Issues

  • Multi-Language Support
  • 24/7 Monitoring Options
  • Custom Timezone Monitoring for Resource Management
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Data Privacy Adherence
  • Crisis Management Services
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Proactive Crisis Management

We provide the technical, operational, and staffing support needed to respond quickly and efficiently to a variety of incidents and changing business requirements.

The Benefits of AI-Automation Are Clear

Woman wearing a denim jacket over a white shirt smiling and typing on her phone.

Patient-First Solutions

Increase CSAT and achieve compliance by completely transforming the patient journey with tailored, patient-centric solutions. With Alphanumeric, customer inquiries and responses are more accurately measured so you can deliver more valuable information.

Transform poor patient experience and decrease patient drop-off rates.

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Doctor meeting with a patient while taking notes on a clipboard.

HCP Compatible Technologies

Support healthcare professionals in completing their tasks efficiently and effectively with digital tools that provide access to essential resources.

Streamline communications for better provider reach.

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Two males sitting down in an office speaking to each other.

Strengthen Internal Teams For Better Results

Streamline operational efficiency, increase productivity, automate tasks, and equip agents to solve customer inquiries with targeted recommendations.

Improve handling time, learning curve, & agent confidence.

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Smart Implementation in Life Sciences

Make Your Mark with Chatbot Implementation

Successful Solutions
Transactional Intents Have The Most Success

  • Financial Assistance
  • Product Availability
  • Sample Requests
  • Sales Rep Info
  • Basic Product/Device Info
  • Program Enrollment
  • Webform Adjudication


Complex Intents Have The Most Risk

  • Product Quality Complaints
  • Drug Use and Interactions
  • Medical Information Requests
  • Diagnostic Inquiries

The Results
  • Reduced agent “burnout”
  • Engagement in varied, meaningful, and substantive consumer interactions creates purpose and gives satisfaction to a job well done
  • Reduction in repetitive, tedious, and occasionally hostile consumer contacts
Customer Response Center

Conversational AI for Customer Response

Efficient Chatbot Solutions

The Challenge

Deflect inbound financial/affordability inquiries away from live-agent service.

The Solution

Engage Chatbot AI to manage and handle repetitive and transactional intents/questions, screen consumers for eligibility and availability of financial assistance solutions, and provide effective and accurate answers. (70% chatbot volume related to financial affordability/assistance.)

The Results

Exceptional deflection, accuracy, and answer rates. Contact volume volatility for live agents was dramatically reduced and remains stable. KPI/SLA performance now exceeds expectations consistently, with fewer agents. (33% reduction in force). Improved agent morale and reduced burnout.

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