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What is the future of healthcare? What does it mean to be a "patient" or even just an individual? The answer might surprise you - and maybe that's what we need next!

Make Your Mark! Podcast

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Are CSAT scores hurting your bottom line? Is compliance becoming more of an obstacle? Is your customer engagement inefficient? Then you’ve come to the right place. Dive in with Alphanumeric to discover how organizations can Make Their Mark on the ever-evolving healthcare ecosystem. Hear from subject-matter experts, listen in on real stories, and get advice from a spectrum of voices across the patient care experience. The Make Your Mark podcast explores the greatest challenges in the patient and provider journey and the digital transformation innovations that are paving the way for better human interactions.

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About The Host

Christopher is passionate about his work and takes great pride in helping guide the Alphanumeric story and brand. He is always looking for new ways to grow the business, extend the brand, and feature the great people and services that Alphanumeric provides.

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Episode 7

Patient Engagement vs the Patient Journey

Special Guests: Jared Pack and Jay Baucom

Tune in for Episode 7 of the Make Your Mark podcast to focus on two very different but very much connected subjects, patient engagement, and the patient journey. We will define each of these areas and clarify the challenges that patients and their caregivers face daily. Join me now as I talk with both Jared Pack and Jay Baucom for the first part of this three-part episode that will dig into the complexities of patient care. 

Download the transcript of Episode 7.

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Episode 6

External Expert Engagement - Making the Right Connections

Special Guest: Frank Green, Senior Director of Global Solutions at Alphanumeric

Tune in for Episode 6 of the Make Your Mark podcast to hear from Senior Director Frank Green on why it's essential to have a reliable external expert engagement process and how its implementation can lead you down the path of success.

Download the transcript of Episode 6.

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Episode 5

Conversational AI & its Impact on Patient Care

Special Guest: Charlie Guerini, Senior Director, Global Operations & Head of Innovation at Alphanumeric

In our 5th episode of the Make Your Mark podcast, Charlie Guerini, Senior Director, Global Operations & Head of Innovation at Alphanumeric discusses the future of conversational AI and how it will impact patient care. He also shares how our company is working to bring patient care forward through innovative technologies.

Download the transcript of Episode 5.

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Episode 4

MedComms’ Value in Life Sciences

Special Guest: Christina Nixon, PhD Senior Director, Medical and Scientific Services

In this episode, Chris and Christina explore the value of MedComms in the Life Sciences industry and how it can benefit businesses and patients alike.

Download the transcript of Episode 4.

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Episode 3

How to Connect with Gen Z in the Digital Age

Special Guest: Samantha Saenz

In this podcast, Sam and Chris discuss the different ways that marketing needs to change in order to connect with Generation Z. They cover everything from social media usage to customer service. Whether your company is just starting to adapt to these changes or is looking for ways to improve, this podcast has something for you.

Download the transcript of Episode 3.

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Episode 2

The Alphanumeric Story with Randy Trice, CEO of Alphanumeric

Special Guest: Randy Trice, CEO

In the second episode of Make Your Mark! we chat with Randy Trice, CEO of Alphanumeric Systems, Inc. to explore the past, present and future of the life science industry. We also give a glimpse of the mission and growth of the company as told by our visionary leader.

Download the transcript of Episode 2.

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Episode 1

New Strategies to Build Patient Loyalty in the Contact Center

Special Guest: Scott Townsend, Senior Account Executive

What is the one thing every life sciences business needs to succeed? Patients! In this first episode of the Make your Mark podcast, Scott Townsend, Senior Account Executive, shares strategies for building patient engagement in the contact center.

Download the transcript of Episode 1.


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