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Engage Patients in Their Own Care

Communications Designed To Engage Patients At Every Stage

Connect with patients through a targeted and informed communication strategy so they understand their benefits and feel empowered on their journey to better health. Our full suite of services offers organizations like yours insight into the ever changing patient experience. With our core offerings be prepared to deliver crucial medical information through a seamless multichannel approach.

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A Suite of Services to Make Your Mark!

Core Offerings

  • Medical Communications Services
  • Digital & Traditional Content Strategy
  • Technology Solutions
  • Contact Center Support
  • External Expert Engagement
  • Chatbot Implementation

Data-Driven Insights for Meaningful Engagement

Our approach to the patient journey acts on real-time data and analytics to continually enhance experiences. Engage at every stage with Alphanumeric.

Reminders and Resources

Reminders and Resources

Our patient engagement services are revolutionizing healthcare and empowering patients to take a proactive role in their care. We provide reminders, resources, access to online tools – all designed with the goal of helping them stay up-to-date on appointments, medications and any other medical tasks they may have. With our support, patients can become better informed about their condition while feeling confident knowing that you're there for them every step of the way!

Increased Communication-1

Increased Communication

Our patient engagement services make it easy for patients to communicate with their healthcare provider. They are able to message their healthcare provider directly, making it easy to ask questions and get clarification on any issues or concerns. We also provide an easy way for healthcare providers to respond quickly, increasing communication between both parties. This can help to improve the overall quality of care and patient satisfaction.

The Alphanumeric Difference

Our team of experienced professionals blend science with creativity, to help translate complex information into easily accessible formats for patients across a variety of channels.



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In this episode, we focus on two very different but very much connected subjects, patient engagement and the patient journey. We will define each of these areas and bring some clarity to the challenges that patients and their caregivers face every day. Join me now as I talk with both Jared Pack and Jay Baucom for the first part of this three-part episode that will dig into the complexities of patient care.
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Jared Peck,

Business Development Manager

With a background in early-stage drug development, I use my industry experience to build and maintain relationships with clients, understand their challenges, and help them determine the best solution for their needs. I am passionate about the work that we do here at Alphanumeric and I’m always working to improve our service offerings to meet our client’s needs and help them succeed.

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