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Medical Information Leaders

Medical Information Leaders

Who need to equip HCPs with accurate info & self-service, manage knowledge, mitigate bot & AE intersections, and use AI to streamline ops

Country Safety Leaders

Country Safety

Who need to ensure patient safety and compliant adverse event management

Medical Affairs Solutions

We help life sciences companies manage product quality and patient safety.

Whether you are in clinical trials, product launch,
or post-market, we can help.

Medical Information

Global contact centers supporting HCPs & consumers

Equip HCPs with accurate info

Manage knowledge

Use automation to streamline operations


Full case management

Adverse Event intake

Safety Case Processing & Reporting

Quality Review

Inbound & Outbound


Regulatory compliance

Individual case reporting to regulatory agencies

Aggregate safety reporting to regulatory agencies

Risk management plan development

Regulatory communication

Audit & inspection readiness and support

Global Contact Centers

Whether you need to support HCPs, patients, or clinical trials, we’ve got you.

  • The medical information teams deliver vital information for health care professionals and patients
  • On-label support to consumers and patients
  • Multi-lingual clinical support for clinical trials including adverse event reporting
  • Vaccine ordering and fulfillment

Medical Information Contact Center / Fulfillment

Provides support to HCPs regarding prescription medications

  • Vaccine stability
  • Adverse events
  • Drug content
  • Fulfillment of HCP documentation requests

Consumer Medical Information Contact Center

Provides support to consumers and HCPs regarding prescription and OTC medications

  • On label only
  • Consumer support
  • Patient support

Clinical Support Help Desk

Provides internal and external support regarding clinical trial platforms

  • Technical Support for the different systems used to track clinical trials
  • Adverse event reporting
  • Currently supporting globally in 16 different languages

Vaccine Services Center

Provides support for the ordering and financial aspect of vaccines

  • Inbound calls for ordering / tracking of vaccine products
  • Order modifications
  • Refunds / returns

Alphanumeric Medical Affairs Solution

Digital Transformation of MA & MI Operations

The road to safety and compliance is paved with CX, EX, and operational health. See an AI solution that makes a difference for HCPs.

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Ways to Get Started

Whether you need support with clinical trials, product launch, consumer and HCP experience, or employee productivity, we’ve got you.



AI proof of concept customized to your use cases



Guidance on reconciling AI and compliance agendas



How to get your knowledge management AI-ready



Integration with systems like Veeva Vault and Salesforce



Mature natural language processing (NLP)

We’ve done it before

Here are the features of a Medical Affairs Contact Center we put together for a global pharmaceutical giant.

Customized solution to meet client-specific requirements

Retained contact center at client facilities and welcomed collaborative management

Streamlined recruitment and onboarding process

Improved customer service and CSAT metrics by improving retention rates, reducing call abandonment rates, and implementing detailed soft-skills training

Quality-focused service model

Complexity doesn’t phase us.

Whether we’re designing a desk with a diverse staff made up of specialists, generalists and everything in between, or diverse customer segments being served by the same contact center and agents–or both–we’ve got this.

Neither do tight timelines

We’ve been known to spin up a new contact center in a new country in as little as 30 days.

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