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Experienced Life Science Customer Service Agents

Our Vaccines Specialists have years of experience supporting end-to-end patient and customer inquiries. We provide quick and accurate responses to your questions and inquiries, while also ensuring that all customer interactions are compliant with regulatory guidelines. Our team of dedicated specialists is highly qualified, knowledgeable, and always eager to assist. 

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Our experienced team of Vaccines Customer Support Specialists are dedicated to providing the customer with the highest level of customer satisfaction from beginning to end. 



From the first contact, our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of full-service customer service. From general inquiries, ordering and tracking of vaccines, to refunds and returns, and everything in between, the Vaccines Service Center is here to help. 


Vaccine Services

We provide a full suite of services all while keeping the customer top of mind to provide the customer with a seamless, high-quality customer journey. 

The Alphanumeric Difference

  • Experienced staff dedicated to delivering optimal customer journey 
  • Ongoing Customer Care training and Quality Monitoring  
  • Comprehensive suite of digital solutions
  • Customizable program design targeted to ensure high-quality customer satisfaction 
  • Dedicated Program Management to assist client service owners 



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Jay Baucom (1)

Meet Jay Baucom

Senior Vice President of Global Operations,

My focus has always been on delivering a patient experience that sets us apart. We do this by combining digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and a passion for the people who bring our customers’ goals to life. This combination has enabled us to achieve global CSAT scores over 96%, global NPS scores over 85%, and a track-record of zero audit findings or interruptions to business.

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