“Contact centers are at a disadvantage without AI to streamline operations. With Alphanumeric’s solution, we can standardize answers to questions we get frequently and free up our agents to focus on other work.”

Vincent Atalese
Operations Manager

The Challenge

Our client, was seeking a digital transformation of its Global Response Center that would grant patients access to fully-compliant, structured information 24/7×365. The streamlined solution needed to…

Standardize repetitive requests

Drive transactions to a self-service model

Allow agents to turn their attention to higher-value initiatives

The Solution

An omnichannel, AI-packed solution to meet our client’s needs.


  • Natural language processing (NLP) in 38 languages
  • Understands complex dialogs and conversational intent
  • Lexicon packed with everyday language & life science language!


  • Compliance and regulatory committee involved from the start
  • Screening for adverse events
  • Frees up agents to focus on higher value initiatives


  • Constantly adapts its knowledge base
  • Ability to transfer to live agent
  • Transforms patient experience

The Results

Delivering accurate and fast results on more than 20 US websites!


4,000+ questions answered

Average deflection rate 71%

Average deflection rate 71%


Average accuracy rate 86%