“We needed a quick way of returning accurate search results back to the HCPs. And with Alphanumeric, that’s what we were able to achieve.”

Parag Birla
Senior Director of Strategy & Operations, Medical Affairs

The Challenge

Assist overstretched HCPs from having to do long, arduous keyword searches that resulted in inaccurate outcomes. They sought a solution that would…

Unify all disparate sources of knowledge

Return reliable results quickly

Standardize repetitive requests

The Solution

AI Solution Transforms HCP experience through lightning-fast, accurate results.


  • Integrates with Veeva Vault and Salesforce
  • Understands complex dialogs and conversational intent
  • Allows for searching of entire document and various sources


  • Uses mature natural language processing (NLP) IN 38 languages; not keyword searches
  • Medical information is constantly adapting to its knowledge base
  • Reduced search time


  • Near real-time results
  • Reduced return of irrelevant results
  • Transforms HCP experience

The Results

Applying AI to Medical Information and Innovation


Accurate Content in 1.3 seconds


81% avg. accuracy


First implementation of AI for medical information