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Managed Workplace

Technology, security, and support.
Mission critical for you. Core competency for us.

Imagine providing an employee experience that operates so smoothly, your teams can’t help but be productive.

For IT transformation leaders looking to...

Modernize technology to boost performance and security

Automate manual processes

Find productivity gains and drive down costs

Stay on top of emerging technologies

For IT operations specialists who need to…

For employee experience owners working to...

Equip new employees with the right tech and tools

Resolve issues faster

Offer omni-channel support

Improve employee satisfaction

For security leaders who need to…

For security leaders who need to...

Ensure regulatory compliance

Secure cloud hosting environments

Improve incident response

Protect against cybersecurity threats

Managed Workplace Services

Technology Modernization

Server Virtualization

Messaging & Collaboration

Exchange Office 365
VOIP (Cloud/On-Prem)


Email & Network Firewalls

Vulnerability Scanning

End-Point Management & Security

Asset Management Anti-Virus & Encryption Patch Management Imaging & Software Deployment ProCare

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

Servers & Storage
Active Directory

Data Management

Backup & Recovery (Cloud/On Prem)
Cloud DRaaS

Employee Support

Tech Lounge


Asset Management

Device issue, replenishment, repair
Hub and spoke modeling
Just right asset inventory

The epicenter of employee experience

Face-to-face and virtual resolution via the Hub and Spokes

It’s worth taking a deeper dive into our our Hub and Spoke Model, where we architect the strategy, provide the talent, and manage the operations.

The Hub

The control center of employee service and support–inventory, ticket management, and fulfillment

Full Lifecycle Asset Management

New devices, repairs, replenishments, loaners, troubleshooting, with broad support of leading devices and software platforms

The Spokes

Full-service, on-site Tech Lounges with face-to-face employee support

Centralized Approach

Provides accurate client tracking, inventory control and management, propagated in all the right systems

Automated Registration Process

Eliminates key strokes which saves time and reduces the possibility of mistakes

Streamlined Ordering, Fulfillment, and Inventory

Reduces the cost of additional resources

Accurate Tracking of Inventory

Helps fine-tune orders to buy only what sells, which saves money

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