Streamline data, automate workflows, and train your team

For hospital leaders who need to...

Help their medical staff learn and grow

Stay in compliance via continuous education and certification of information systems

Free up the time it takes them to manage an over-abundance of vendors

Give flexibility of mobility to any user

For healthcare providers who need to...

Quickly and securely zero in on information from EMR, EHR

Maintain compliance

Automate manual processes within healthcare-specific workflows

For EMR and EHR leaders who need to...

Provide a learning solution to healthcare provider groups and hospitals

Integrate learning across EHR, EMR and other hospital systems


Our Healthcare Services

Speed the learning curve, meet company objectives, and drive transformation.


Tailored, custom content

Laser focus on facilitating and validating effectiveness of specific modules

Virtual library

Integrates the modules of the health facility and partner software vendors

Comprehensive, transparent view of learning endeavors and their health

Cloud-based SaaS model

Secure, anytime and anywhere with connectivity

Interactive online learning

Facilitates autonomous, continuous learning for a diverse set of health system stakeholders

Integration of existing documentation

Quickly repurpose work to supplement training via support of various document formats (video, PDF, PowerPoint, and more)

Service Desk

Chatbot / virtual assistant

To solve recurring issues like password loss and other common functional and technical issues and support up to level 1.5 out of 3

Drastically reduces contact volume, freeing up help desk for strategic projects

Reduces wait for end-users by providing fast, self-service resolution

Detailed reporting and analysis

Provides statistics on each event: ticket opening / closing, number of calls and time spent on each question, incident resolution rate in the first instance

Empowers workforce with data that can lead to action

Integration with any hospital system via SDK and API

Helps the practitioner find the right data, in a secure environment, while preserving necessary confidentiality

Reduces the amount of clicks in your EMR / EHR by 90%

Use of voice recognition instead of your keyboard to get resolution to user issues

This is a natural process for doctors

Digital Transformation

Intelligent automation via voice recognition or chat

Lets you quickly zero in on specific information

Chat bots tailored to your unique hospital workflow automate manual processes

Reduces error, increases healthcare provider productivity, and gives your doctors up-to-date information for more accurate patient care Increases patient satisfaction because you have more time to provide better patient care

Increases patient satisfaction because you have more time to provide better patient care

Chatbots employ Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning

Continuously feeds knowledge base and effectively resolves user issues across the globe

Reporting and analytics at your desired frequency

Helps you understand the health of your initiatives, keep track of all new inquiries, get a pulse on the learning curve, and measure ROI

There are a lot of things that have to come together to develop your workforce, make it productive, and ensure patient safety and compliance.

  • Learning system integration and management
  • Compliance
  • Right mix of talent on your service desk
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Employee productivity

That’s our specialty.

We partner with Healthcare companies to understand your goals and serve as a single source, crafting a solution that brings everything together and brings that solution to life.

Start making your vision a reality

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