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Our BCP/DR Services Are Intended to Assist Clients In Protecting And Recovering Critical Telecommunications Infrastructure, Mission-Critical Business Operations, As Well As Ensuring The Safety And Productivity Of Operational Personnel.

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Ensure Information System Uptime, Data Integrity, Availability, And Continuity of Business Operations

– Our Services Include –


  • Critical systems identification
  • Critical staff identification
  • Return to service requirements for critical
  • Develop escalation plan
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Conduct risk management assessment
  • Create a plan with BCP/DR process for relocating employees to Work From Home (WFH) locations in the event an emergency is declared
  • Build cloud infrastructure with high-availability and redundancy to ensure critical systems such as email, telephony, chat, are hosted and accessible by employees and clients
  • Create BCP/DR plan capable of supporting global operations including equipment and technology enabling WFH in the event of a facility outage
  • Ensure BCP/DR Plan covers all essential and critical infrastructure elements, systems, and networks, in accordance with key business objectives
  • Training of appropriate staff to ensure awareness of the BCP/DR plan and individual roles in the event of plan enactment
  • Periodic testing of the BCP/DR Plan to ensure effectiveness and organizational readiness
  • Maintain BCP/DR Plan to ensure viability to changing business conditions
  • Identify technology recovery team
  • Identify operational recovery team
  • Financial assessment


  • Develop and document a comprehensive BCP/DR strategy
  • Identify BCP/DR Plan trigger events
  • Thorough testing of BCP/DR planning and preparedness
  • Ensure recovery of operations as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Ensure the safety of all personnel
  • Ensure all employees fully understand their duties in event of BCP/DR plan enactment
  • Ensure contingency plans are cost-effective
  • Ensure BCP/DR capabilities are applicable to key service partners and client stakeholders
  • Ensure proper escalation of changes in BCP/DR status
  • Ensure proper communications regarding BCP/DR status
  • Identify a wide range of possible disruptive threats to normal business activities
  • Plan to address the immediate financial needs of the company and employees

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