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We are passionate about the people and systems that bring the vision of life sciences organizations to life. Through data-driven, automation-powered, human-centered service, we shape a near-perfect patient experience.

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Our human-centered solutions boost productivity, accuracy, and quality of service.

Through our deep knowledge of and passion for the life sciences industry, Alphanumeric helps the world’s largest life science companies remove the friction from their patient, healthcare professional (HCP), and employee experience.

Digital Transformation of HCP & Patient Experience

Explore how a patient & HCP experience that is human-centered, omni-channel, and intelligently automated drives near-perfect CSAT.

AI-powered Global Contact Centers


Transform your contact center (medical information, safety, vaccines, product support, patient support and adherence) into one that is modern, personalized, and has a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Patient Support & Adherence



Connect the dots between drug adherence and brand loyalty. It takes expertise, compassion, and efficient operations to deliver a patient experience that improves adherence.

Globalization & Localization



Determine if your service supply chain strategy delivers cost-efficiency and quality of service. You can have both! And if you need follow-the-sun support, we can help!

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Whether you are launching or modernizing a contact center, embarking on your digital transformation journey, or strategizing how to improve patient experience, we can help!

  • Get a glimpse into how we’d tackle your goals as we tailor a demo around your unique use case.

  • Whether you need to improve patient experience, efficiently operate clinical trials, drive adherence, or transform workforce productivity via automation and AI, we can help.

  • We help the world’s largest life sciences companies deliver innovative, data-driven, human-centered service to patients and HCPs.

Alphanumeric Life Sciences Evolution

We are excited to share the story with you! Watch this video to see how we became the leader in patient & HCP experience innovation.

Side by side on the vision, full responsibility for the outcome.

That’s our motto. We do all of this because we believe that no matter how great your vision, it’s the people – patients, HCPs, and employees – who will make it a reality. See how we’ve made these client dreams reality.

Alphanumeric Smart Search provides accurate medical information to HCPs in a heartbeat.

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Alphanumeric Virtual Assistant provides patient and HCP answers to thousands of questions 24/7.

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Top 10 pharma company takes a contact center from cost-center to revenue generator.

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See how we hit 97% CSAT for the largest pharmaceutical provider in the world.

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Reflections, opinions, & conclusions from the team who’s made patient experience a science.

Tune in here for everything we’ve learned about digital transformation of the patient & HCP experience, how that drives patient adherence, and more!

The Future of Life Sciences’ Global Contact Centers

Jay & Charlie | 06/03/2021

With the emergence of new technology and the ever-changing needs of patients and HCPs, life sciences companies have had to remain agile to ensure that their global contact centers are providing the support required.

Implementing STIR/SHAKEN in the Contact Center to Benefit Patient Adherence

Eric Ness | 05/14/2021

Due to the high volume of unassociated spam-related calls, patients often no longer answer the phone, which has decreased program adherence rates.

Realizing the Benefits of Patient Support through AI Solutions

Lacy & Charlie | 04/23/2021

The benefits of automated, human-centered patient support are significant, and it’s necessary to find solutions that allow life sciences companies to support patients and HCPs.

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Whether you are looking to expand across the globe or localize, we have a track-record for doing it right and doing it quickly. See how we spun up a new operation in a new country in less than 30 days.

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