Global 24×7 Service Desk

The benefits of our service desk go well beyond basic help-desk support. In addition to providing multi-tiered end-user assistance, our Raleigh, N.C.-based service desk acts as a centralized hub for any array of services. From proactive monitoring and maintenance to desk-side support dispatch, the service desk delivers a highly responsive IT management solution designed to empower your team to focus on more pressing, strategic goals.

    • Available 24x7x365
    • Multi-tiered support and service dispatch
    • Customizable end-user interfaces (phone, email, and/or online)
    • Adherent to strict service-level agreements
    • Regulated by annual SOC 2 audit and ITIL best practices
    • Fully staffed with Alphanumeric employees, not contractors, to ensure consistent service and improvement-over-time


Contact us to find out more about how a service desk solution will drive cost-efficiency and strategic bandwidth into your business.

For more specialized or large-scale needs, we can also provide dedicated service desks, carrying all the same benefits, only with higher customization. Find out more.