Staffing Services & Process Consulting

Any business is only as good as the people who comprise it. Recruiting and retaining qualified personnel is a crucial objective for any organization. And once you’ve secured your team of experts, they’ll need efficient processes in place to ensure their ability to be productive.

With decades of experience in providing strategic personnel services, process improvement, and on-shore outsourcing, Alphanumeric can help your business maximize the return on your most important investment: your people.

Staffing & Recruiting

Save time and distraction by using our staffing and recruiting services to find the right person for the job. Our experienced and knowledgeable recruiters balance their HR skills with an acute awareness of IT, working side by side with Alphanumeric’s expert engineers and technical staff to place highly qualified candidates in permanent or temporary positions.

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Dedicated Service Desks

For large organizations with specialized needs, we can staff and deploy a full service desk solution specialized to your needs and full compliant with all relevant regulations. Our institutional knowledge and proven experience has guided the delivery of service desks for clinical researchers, remote sales teams, and enterprise IT environments, with 24×7 support in more than a dozen languages.

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E-Signature & Workflow

Streamlining processes delivers an immediate boost to productivity and often a significant financial savings, as well. Through detailed business process analysis and automation, and the use of strategic tools for e-signature and service catalogs, we’ve helped our customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars and days or weeks of tedious work.

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Custom Procurement Portal

Customize and maintain a proprietary e-commerce portal to streamline the IT purchasing process based on your pre-defined restrictions. End-users appreciate the autonomy and ease of purchasing workstation hardware and peripherals through a familiar and user-friendly online shopping cart, while administrators maintain close visibility and approvals authority.

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Application Support & Maintenance

Developing proprietary applications can give your company a competitive boost, but keeping them up to date can bring its own burdens. We’ve managed custom applications for small to enterprise-level customers in a range of environments (including highly regulated industries) to ensure their tailored apps work as intended. We are driven to maintain high service levels by driving efficiencies and continuous improvement into the environment and maximizing the output of your vital applications.

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