Off the Shelf E-Learning

E-learning is an effective and affordable method of conducting skills training, driven by interactive modules to foster self-directed learning and information retention, and enhanced by the convenience and flexibility of cloud-based delivery systems.

We offer a wide array of standard courses in a number of categories, including Health & Safety, Business Professional, Technical Professional, and Human Resources to ensure the system is beneficial across departments.

The available course catalogs are designed to empower end-users with the technical know-how they need to succeed in a technology-driven workplace and help them maximize skill-sets and master vital applications, policies, and procedures. They also allow managers to ensure the proficiency of their workforce, with an array of topics covering productivity, safety and technical skills, leading to measurable competency and key certifications.

Pricing is measured on a per-user, per-year basis. This includes a one-year license to access the LMS and an entire suite of courses.

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