Cloud-Based Learning Management System

Alphanumeric’s hosted learning management system (LMS) enables self-directed training on the skills, policies, and procedures you need your employees to master. A wide array of off-the-shelf and custom courses are available to ensure the system is beneficial across departments. But, more importantly, the LMS empowers managers to take control of training initiatives. Designed to meet the exacting needs of large organizations, the LMS empowers managers to manage, assign, distribute, monitor and report the success of their learning goals.

Manage — Robust controls enable system administrators to effectively manage learning initiatives in detail, ensuring participation and maximizing success rates.

Assign — Administrators assign courses to the users who need them. This enables a more focused and tailored approach to training across departments.

Distribute — Courses are automatically distributed to assigned users from the admin panel. This increases participation and creates a more user-friendly experience within the system.

Monitor — The LMS tracks and records participation in courses, including attendance and performance metrics, helping admins ensure that users are completing required training objectives.

Report — From the data gathered by the LMS, admins can pull reports to measure and analyze the success of the training initiatives, empowering managers to better enforce and evaluate the training initiative and user performance.