AlphaSPROUT E-Learning Portal

The demands of an increasingly competitive job market make attaining key skills and qualifications more important than ever. But, for many of us, finding a way to gain the knowledge we need means squeezing more time out of already full days. Accelerated, online courses are convenient, but can be expensive and lack interactivity.

AlphaSPROUT enables organizations to offer highly interactive, online course content, covering a wide variety of in-demand technical skills and certifications, to busy students and professionals who are looking to grow their career opportunities without breaking the bank.

Benefits to Students
  • Competitive pricing, as low as $39 per course
  • Courses delivered via best-in-class e-learning, designed for adult learners using mastery-based learning concepts
  • Access to hundreds of courses covering the latest technology skills and guiding exam preparation for key technical certifications
  • Convenience of anytime, anywhere online access to courseware
  • Access to course content lasts one full year from date of purchase
Benefits to Providers
  • Low cost to implement
  • Institutions receive 20% of course fees from each student registered
  • Enables the institution to offer additional educational resources to students and individuals in the community
  • Course content is high-quality, best-in-class, and designed for adult learners using mastery-based learning concepts
Implementing AlphaSPROUT

AlphaSPROUT provides a simple way for organizations to provide convenient, affordable, and high-quality e-learning content to online students.

We will help develop a custom-branded portal, which allows students to self-register for courses online. You provide a link to the portal from your website.

The portal offers administrative oversight, which enables you to document student registration and assigned courses. You will also be able to document activity and number of course hours logged, cumulatively, over a given period of time — which facilitates FTE-hour tracking.

For every student registered through your portal, 20% of the course fee stacks up on your bottom line. Students self-register at their convenience and receive proven e-learning course materials on-demand. You let the revenues roll in.

Contact us to learn more about how AlphaSPROUT can boost your bottom line.