Your organization can begin lowering help desk costs immediately, and look for ways to reduce these costs over time, by following these best practices in the areas of human resource management and end-user self-service.

Keeping employees engaged and interested in on-the-job training and learning initiatives has been stumping employers for as long as training has been around.  For many employers, the solution involves custom courseware.

Setting up an LMS and getting your team to actively utilize it requires adequate planning, time, resources, and most importantly, a thorough roadmap — especially if you’re new to integrating learning management systems into an organization.

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Case Studies

Find out how Alphanumeric delivered a highly effective, multilingual clinical application service desk for one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies — all in less than one month.

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Sign up for a discovery session with Steve Chase, Sr. Vice President of Global Sales, and learn how we can partner with your company to provide a variety of specialized service desk and IT support services.

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