Learning Management Solutions

Alphanumeric’s approach to Learning and Development programs hinges on results. We focus on driving utilization, ensuring accountability, measuring progress, and adapting solutions to maximize ROI. This stems from a deep understanding of the harsh truths of learning and development. As important as learning and development can be in ensuring the success of your business – from training new employees to delivering How-Tos and FAQs for a major software rollout – we realize that it can be a cumbersome project all its own. Many companies invest in the tools, but struggle to get employees to use them.

Alphanumeric's Learning Services Overview

Contact Alphanumeric to develop and implement a learning and development program tailored specifically to your needs and objectives, and driven to achieve measurable results.

Training Program Consultation

When you need a comprehensive learning strategy tailored to your goals, we can develop a comprehensive training program, manage its execution, and ensure results.

Working closely with your stakeholders, our team identifies key performance objectives, gathers knowledge-base, materials and develops and oversees a comprehensive learning and development program, focused on delivering results. Leveraging our full range of capabilities, our learning and development programs offer interactive, efficient, and effective training tailored to meet your business culture, budgetary and logistical requirements, and core objectives. Contact Us


Learning Management Systems

When you need a platform for ongoing training efforts, or for short-term rollout or project training, we can match you with a best-fit Learning Management System (LMS), ensuring your users can access interactive learning content whenever they need it, wherever they are, on any device.

Providing a platform for delivering, assigning, distributing, and monitoring courseware, the LMS is a crucial component of a learning solution. Contact Us

Cloud-Based LMS

We provide a robust, cloud-based LMS that enables users to access interactive courseware from any Internet-connected device.

Project LMS

We can also provide the LMS as a short-term project asset, delivering focused courseware to train key employees for a deployment, implementation and/or rollout.

LMS Administration Services

When you need your LMS to yield the best possible results, but need to focus your energy on core business goals, we work to optimize LMS utilization and ensure accountability for learning objectives.

The LMS is a powerful tool, but in many organizations, driving utilization and monitoring success falls to the wayside. Our LMS Administration provide the oversight and management expertise necessary to ensure your LMS delivers results. Contact Us

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Jukebox: Our Custom LMS Interface

When you need to make your LMS more interactive, providing easy access to key topics and courseware, we can implement a fully custom interface proven to enhance utilization and user satisfaction.

Jukebox, a custom visual interface compatible with any LMS, highlights featured items, providing a shortcut to prioritized courses or multimedia assets, while making the training interface more inviting, engaging and interactive for end-users. Since implementing Jukebox, we’ve seen onboarding processes gain efficiency, sometimes as much as double the previous baseline, and have enhanced user satisfaction scores and employee retention rates across the board. As a supplement to the service desk, a Jukebox implementation not only decreases time spent training new agents, but effectively increases first-call resolution rates and reduces agent turnover. Contact Us


Tailor Your Learning and Development Program

When you need a learning and development program designed specifically to meet your goals, turn to Alphanumeric. Contact us to learn more about how our learning management solutions can ensure your success.