Instructor-Based Learning

Even in our increasingly digitized world, there are still advantages to real-time instructor-led learning. It offers the greatest depth in curriculum, offers more flexible pacing, and benefits from direct human interaction. Instructor-led training is an excellent complement to automated delivery for improved retention, and greater attention to complex topics. As a complement to digital learning tools, we coordinate and deliver live, instructor-led training initiatives for a wide array of customers, on a wide array of topics. From full, in-depth training to targeted train-the-trainer sessions, we work to deliver the most effective — and efficient — training to meet your needs.

Alphanumeric's Learning Services Overview

Worldwide Instructor-Led Training

When you need the ultimate level of interactivity and adaptable learning, our live, instructor-led training services meet your needs, globally. Contact us. 

Alphanumeric deploys training experts to conduct face-to-face training wherever you need it, to facilitate quick and in-depth learning initiatives, especially when the content is particularly complex or mission-critical.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

When you need to maximize your instructor-led training budget and reach teams in multiple locations, leverage VILT to provide live, interactive training, ideal for remote workforces. Get in touch. 

Capitalizing on the cost, travel, and time savings possible through remote learning, Alphanumeric’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) programs — developed in accordance with your organizational requirements — help users master business-critical skills with a convenient and cost-effective learning solution.

View our Instructor-Lead Training Solutions.

Train-the-Trainer Initiatives

For learning and development initiatives that need to extend through the organization efficiently, at optimized cost, a train-the-trainer initiative preserves budget while enabling effective knowledge transfer. Contact us.

Using an instructor-led or VILT strategy, our team can provide detailed, in-depth training to team-leads and other select stakeholders, equipping them with the tools and information to train the rest of the organization on key rollout and implementations, new policies and procedures, or any other topic you need to disseminate through the company.

Training Video Production

Preserve your instructor-led training sessions for posterity, enabling new hires to experience the same level of detailed training and allowing employees to refresh their knowledge as needed. Get in touch. 

Our video production team can capture and preserve instructor-led and VILT sessions, edit them into a single video, or multiple segments, and produce a professional quality training video allowing you to leverage your training investment in perpetuity.

Enhance learning and development by delivering content tailored to your business

When you want to deliver superior training content that is tailored to your user’s needs, contact us.

Contact us to learn more about how a tailored suite of ready-made and custom content, imbued with interactive multimedia and efficient microlearning tactics, can enhance your learning and development efforts.