Budgets are shrinking while technology demands continue to rise. It’s a challenging time to be in education. We understand the pressure to deliver cutting-edge technology, ensure security and stability, and comply with regulations. We understand the need to balance an open, accessible academic environment with the threat of data breaches and IT disasters.

We’ve worked with large state universities and public school districts, community colleges and administrative offices. We’re agile enough to provide the deep support one client might need, and to deliver the expertly engineered solutions another might need. The range of experience we’ve accumulated over more than three decades proves our commitment to finding the solutions that work for your needs.

We’ve handled server upgrades and disaster recovery planning to help a community college adapt to its growing student population and helped the largest school district in South Carolina execute a complex and large-scale equipment deployment on a short timeline. And we can help you meet your goals with a tailored IT solution to help your organization excel.

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