Cloud-Based Courseware

Driven by interactive modules to foster self-directed learning and information retention, our cloud-based courseware – a mix of custom and ready-made content with both detailed courses and microlearning – is enhanced by the convenience and flexibility of cloud-based delivery systems.

Rich, interactive courses empower end-users with the technical know-how they need to succeed in a technology-driven workplace and help them maximize skill-sets and master vital applications, policies, and procedures. They also allow managers to ensure the proficiency of their workforce, with an array of topics covering productivity, safety and technical skills, leading to measurable competency and key certifications, as well as any custom courseware you may need.

Alphanumeric's Learning Services Overview

Our team can tailor a perfect-fit package of standard e-learning, microlearning, and custom content to meet your specific needs. Get in touch with us.

Off-the-Shelf E-Learning

When you need efficient training tools to strengthen vital day-to-day skills, we deliver interactive ready-made content to help you meet your goals. Get in touch

For standard skills training, such as software how-to’s, basic compliance and soft skills training, we offer a deep catalog of off-the-shelf courseware focused on task-based and microlearning content to deliver maximum efficiency to your end-users. Instead of spending hours in a comprehensive survey course, likely reviewing old information, users can zero in on their immediate questions or objectives and find interactive training to catch them up in minutes rather than hours.

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Custom & Specialized Content

When you need organization-specific training, we create fully customized, interactive multimedia learning courseware. Contact us. 

Alphanumeric’s development team crafts effective learning modules — leveraging multimedia production, varied training modalities, and industry-leading tools — designed according to your requirements. For businesses with proprietary applications or unique operational procedures and practices, this level of customization is vital to boost the effectiveness of training initiatives. Instead of approximating the skill-set, you deliver detailed, tailored curricula to your employees.


Compliance Training

When you need to deliver efficient compliance training, we can assemble a mix of off-the-shelf and custom content, delivered through a user-friendly, interactive interface, with integrated monitoring and accountability. Get in touch.

We can design a training curriculum that fits your needs by building a solution from off-the-shelf compliance courseware and creating custom modules tailored to your unique processes, best practices, and procedures. This is a level of detail most one-size-fits-all solutions can’t offer. Our interactive tools and proven approach ensures efficient training, while enabling managers to provide in-depth oversight to ensure the required training is completed.

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Multimedia Capabilities

When you want to make your learning and development solution more engaging and dynamic, we can augment your courseware with multimedia, including audio, video, and animation. Contact us.

Our portable multimedia studio allows us to augment traditional learning tools with dynamic multimedia, such as podcasts, videos, and animations.

Enhance learning and development by delivering content tailored to your business

When you want to deliver training content that focuses on your users’ actual needs, get in touch.

Contact us to learn more about how a tailored suite of ready-made and custom content, imbued with interactive multimedia and efficient microlearning tactics, can enhance your learning and development efforts.