Alphanumeric and Veterans Treatment Court of Harnett County hosted US Military Veterans for a night of bowling, pizza and fellowship

VTC at Kings

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, Alphanumeric partnered again with the Veterans Treatment Court of Harnett County to honor the US military veterans served by the court. More than 25 veterans and VTC staff turned out at Kings Dining and Entertainment in Raleigh to bowl, eat pizza, enjoy a social event. The veterans were also treated to a motivational speech from General James R. Gorham.

The Veterans Treatment Court has been getting more positive publicity lately, as well. A London-based TV crew was also in attendance for our outing, filming a documentary on the VTC. The film aims to highlight the activities involved in getting Veterans back on track after experiencing trauma from deployment.

The work the VTC does is a major step in helping our veterans readjust to civilian life. A series of short videos, released in October, shares a lot about the veterans, and how the VTC’s good work really does transform lives. You can watch those videos at

This what we are supporting!

After the event, Gordon Harrington, a Mentor Coordinator at the Veterans Treatment Court, said, “Thanks to you and your team for a great evening. These events are the stuff of legend. Our Veterans talk about them over and over!”

We here at Alphanumeric are just happy to give back to these people who’ve given so much for us.

Michael Worley

Michael Worley is the Senior Director of Global Workforce Solutions at Alphanumeric.