Press Release: Technology services leader Alphanumeric partners with Inbenta to bring AI-powered chatbots and natural language processing to customer support

RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 2 2018 — Alphanumeric Systems, Inc. announces today their partnership with Inbenta Technologies to bring natural language processing, AI-powered chatbots, and semantic search technologies to a broader customer support audience.

The strategic partnership follows an extensive vetting process, as well as the successful implementation and management of AI solutions at multiple, enterprise-class service desks.

“Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize Service Desk efficiency,” says Charlie Guerini, Alphanumeric’s Senior Director of Global Operations. “But realizing the potential of this new technology requires a comprehensive effort and strong partnership.”

Alphanumeric has long been a vital services partner to its customers, with a dedication to providing flexible and scalable solutions. Working within user environments, Alphanumeric seamlessly integrates customer processes and AI platforms with user ticketing systems in real-time.

“Alphanumeric provides the bridge between human agents’ expertise and an AI platform’s machine-learning interfaces,” Guerini continued. “After an extensive review, we chose Inbenta as they have shown to be in-line with our vision to provide customer flexibility and adaptability to any environment. We look forward to building a strong relationship globally.”

Inbenta is a global leader in a new class of enterprise AI and semantic search technology for e-commerce and customer support.

Powered by natural language processing, Inbenta’s products are used by over 250 enterprise companies to drastically boost self-service, enhance customer experience, increase conversions, and cut down on support costs by helping customers find exactly what they need. Customers include Pinterest, Groupon, DocuSign, and Genentech.

“Alphanumeric’s vision and values are a source of inspiration for many IT companies today, and maintaining a culture of excellence towards their customers is exactly what we are looking for in our partners,” says Inbenta CEO Jordi Torras. “Together with Inbenta’s exceptional natural language processing technology, this partnership will enable one of the best combined solutions for the big enterprise keen to embrace the latest advances in artificial intelligence.”

About Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.

Since 1979, Alphanumeric has been driven by the belief that organizations can achieve more when they focus on their core missions. To do that, companies must ensure their Technology is powerful and reliable, that Knowledge is readily accessible, and that their People are working effectively to further those core objectives. Today, we support commercial and public sector clients around the world by providing tailored solutions in Service Desks, IT Management & Support, Learning & Development, and Workforce Management.

About Inbenta Technologies, Inc.

For over 10 years, Inbenta’s AI and NLP-driven chatbot solutions have been serving enterprise companies by understanding online customers in their own, natural language. By processing meaning rather than keywords, Inbenta uses patented semantic technology to intelligently direct customers to products, contents, and FAQs across multiple channels before they contact support agents. The result is a positive, optimized, and streamlined customer experience that boosts self-service and enables customers to complete tasks comfortably and quickly. Inbenta specializes in conversational chatbots, virtual assistants, e-commerce search, support ticketing, hybrid chat, and knowledge management.

Bryan Reed

Bryan Reed is the marketing and communications director at Alphanumeric. You can reach him at