Alphanumeric Expands Contract-Pricing Options for Public Sector Solutions

Public Sector Solutions

In the interest of serving our customers in the public sector, Alphanumeric engages with government entities and IT manufacturers to establish contract vehicles that ensure optimal pricing for state and local government agencies, public education, and other organizations in the public sector. Historically, this effort has focused on contract vehicles within the State of North Carolina. (See full list of current contracts below.)

Today, we are pleased to announce that Alphanumeric is a supplier on Government Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70.

IT Schedule 70 is a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract for commercial IT products and services that are available to federal agencies worldwide. State and local government agencies, as well as institutions of public education are also eligible for these terms, and many already are using Schedule 70 to realize highly optimized pricing. This is one of the largest contracts in government used by agencies to purchase technology products and services.

By joining Schedule 70, Alphanumeric can offer strong discounts on over 210 IT manufacturer lines to public sector entities throughout the US and abroad, and is honored and excited to serve in this capacity.

Additionally, Alphanumeric was recently awarded a position on the North Carolina Department of Information Technology state contract 208V. This authorizes Alphanumeric to provide VMware’s industry-leading server and desktop virtualization solutions to government and education institutions throughout the state, at optimized discounts.

Alphanumeric’s VMware certified Engineers have been consulting, implementing and supporting client partners in their virtualization efforts for over ten years, and we’re excited to have this contract vehicle in place to help NC’s public sector do business better with Alphanumeric.

For more information, please contact Rob Vanderberry, Senior Account Manager serving the public sector, at 919-210-9991 or

Current Contract Vehicles Offered

  • GSA IT Schedule 70
  • North Carolina DIT state contract 204S – Servers and Peripherals (Lenovo, HP)
  • North Carolina DIT state contract 204A – Microcomputers and Peripherals (Lenovo, HP)
  • North Carolina DIT state contract 208V – Virtualization Software and Support (VMware)
  • North Carolina DIT state contract 204J – Mass Storage Components (Oracle, Veritas, Quantum)
  • North Carolina DIT state contract 204C – Unix Workstations, Servers and Peripherals (Oracle, IBM)
  • North Carolina DIT state contract ITS-009440 – Supplemental Staffing
  • PEPPM – Lexmark
  • The Quilt – VMware
Bryan Reed

Bryan Reed is the marketing and communications director at Alphanumeric. You can reach him at