Join us at the 2016 NCTIES Conference

Event On: March 2, 2016


Increase network performance, student engagement, and digital learning opportunities through caching.

We’ve partnered with URcast Network to bring robust caching capabilities to the K-12 market, creating network benefits such as paperless communication opportunities, less network downtime and greater access to digital content.

Together, we’ll be presenting at NCTIES, March 2-4 in Raleigh, and we’ll be stationed at Booth #636. Please come visit us to learn more about our solution to improve network performance and increase the equity and effectiveness of digital education.

URcast enables teachers to select and send content directly to their students’ devices. Once sent, content is automatically downloaded (cached) on the device, with no student waiting time for network access. And, if your students can bring home their devices, your cached content can be accessed without Internet access.

The URcast program is intuitive and almost as simple as sending an email. To the students, it’s just a click to open any teacher-sent files.

Here’s what customers are saying!

I used to put files on my school webpage and YouTube, but it was taking too long to download the files (especially mp4s) and sometimes YouTube never worked. With URcast, the files are available for viewing on the laptop in a fraction of the time it used to take and we don’t have to worry about streaming issues.”

“Recently, my lesson plans called for a video while students took notes.  Instead, I assigned the tablets to the students and they watched the video at their own pace.  The amount of time on task was incredible. Students were engaged and not distracted because of the personal control.”

“Access without internet- I absolutely LOVE that my students don’t need internet access at home to get the resources – URcast makes student laptops an invaluable resource, especially outside the classroom. Students simply open the program at school and all files are downloaded directly to the student device, so the information is accessible the next time they open their laptop, regardless of Internet availability.”

Tarrie French

Tarrie French is a Senior Account Manager at Alphanumeric. You can reach him at 919-244-8168 or